Scroll below to view a categorized list of important Spring Showcase Information or Click here to download the Here & Now information packet in pdf form.

Calendar of Dates

Saturday, May 8th – Friday, May 14th – Dress Rehearsal Week for ALL STUDENTS
WHERE: Kinetics Dance Theatre
WHEN: During regularly scheduled class times
WHAT: Students will try on their costumes and check for any last-minute costume discrepancies, and “show & tell” their dance with another class

Saturday, May 15th & Sunday, May 16th – In-Person Students’ Filming Days

WHERE: The Warehouse Theatre @ E-Street Dance
WHEN: Reference the Filming Schedules below for detailed itinerary
WHAT: Students will perform for the camera and pre-record their dance for the Spring Showcase

Monday, May 17th – Sunday, May 23rd – Livestream & Online Students’ Recording Days

WHERE: Kinetics Dance Theatre / at home
WHEN: During regularly scheduled class times
WHAT: Students enrolled in Livestream & Online classes will be recording their dances (in costume) over Zoom on this week. In-person students
will still attend classes this week, but the class will be geared towards catching the best recording of Livestream students!

May 24th -30th – Spirit Week & Dance Party Class!
WHERE: Kinetics Dance Theatre / at home
WHEN: During regularly scheduled class times
WHAT: All classes will celebrate a year of hard-work and fun together; schedule of Spirit Days TBA

May 31st – Memorial Day; Kinetics Closed for Classes

June 1st – 7th – Last Week of 2020-2021 Term Classes at KDT

Saturday June 5th & Sunday, June 6th – Spring Showcase Release
WHERE: from home!
WHEN: Showtimes 1:00pm, 3:00pm & 7:00pm
WHAT: Virtual release of our pre-recorded Spring Showcases! Show orders are listed below; each concert will premier twice over our streaming
platform On The Stage. Ticket sales coming in May!

Filming Day Schedule

Click to view and download the Saturday and Sunday Filming Schedules:

Spring Showcase 2021 – Saturday May 15th

Spring Showcase 2021 – Sunday May 16th

How to use:

  • Find your class under the “class name” column
  • See the arrival time in the far left column



Directions to Filming Location

The Warehouse Theatre @ E-Street Dance : 2113 Columbia Park Rd, Edgewood, MD 21040

View the map below to see directions to The Warehouse Theatre @ E-Street Dance Academy from Route 95. Please note that entering the address
into Google Maps and several other navigation applications will result in directions that lead drivers past the building, further down Columbia Park
Road, into a lower parking lot.

Please click the following link to view a map and additional instructions: Spring Showcase 2021 Map to E-Street Dance

In-Person Filming Days - What to Expect

May 15th and 16th

  • Please arrive at The Warehouse Theatre at or before your scheduled arrival time (reference the far-left column of the Showcase Filming Schedules).
  • A parent volunteer will take your child’s temperature and ask them the screening questions that all students are normally asked upon entry to
    Kinetics. Your child will be directed to their warm-up studio where they can store their belongings, change into costume, and prepare their bodies
    for performance.
  • Just as we practice at Kinetics, masks will be required inside of the theatre at all times.
  • Students should arrive dressed in their tights, nude leotards, leggings, or whatever required undergarments are specified for their class, but
    students must have a change of clothing that is not their Kinetics-provided costume. Students must turn in their costumes at the end of the
    filming day. More information on students’ required undergarments will be released via email soon!
  • After performing their dance and turning in their costumes, students will be dismissed to the parking lot. A parent volunteer will ensure students
    are met with a parent or guardian at pickup time. Please plan to meet your student at the door of the theatre when their filming time is
    complete. The filming duration has been specified in the Showcase Filming Schedules.
  • Students who are performing for several classes may bring a snack or meal and stick around the theatre between filming timeslots. There will be designated areas for students to wait between performances. We will direct students to eat in the parking lot just outside the building, weather permitting, and we will designate a parent volunteer to supervise them as they are eating.
  • Due to COVID-19 safety regulations, parents will not be permitted in the building unless they have signed up for a volunteer position.
  • Sign up to volunteer using this link!
Livestream and Online Filming Week - What to Expect

May 17th – May 23rd

  • Students who are performing their showcase dance over Zoom should make their best efforts to clear a space large and unobstructed enough to
    execute their choreography.
  • Livestream & Online students have been provided with a costume and should plan to wear their costume and any required undergarments or shoes on the weeks of Dress Rehearsal & Recording.
  • Please test your lighting, technology, and space parameters the week leading up to recording, to ensure the best possible recording of your performance!


Livestream & Online Recording Week will be held Monday, May 17th – Sunday, May 23rd. Students will log on to their usual Zoom Link for classes this week, and rehearse their dance a few times through. When prompted, students should hang up their normal class call, and log on to the Spring Showcase Recorded Zoom Call linked below.

In order to get the best possible recording, students should be dressed in costume, with their hair secured away from their face and a bit of stage makeup to bring out their features. The dancing space should be cleared of as many obstructions as possible, and the camera should be placed so that students’ full bodies are in view.


Kinetics Dance is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Spring Showcase Recorded Zoom Call
Time: This is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 847 9352 3420
Passcode: ShowDay

Friday, May 14th

8:30pm – Level 2 Hip Hop Livestream (Robin & Eloise)


Monday, May 17th

4:45pm – Pre-Ballet/Modern ONLINE

5:50pm – Level 1/2 Ballet/Modern ONLINE

7:15pm – Pointe 1 Livestream (Cece)

8:30pm – Level 3 Jazz Livestream (Cece)


Tuesday, May 18th

5:00pm – Level 2 Modern Livestream (Cora, Eloise)

5:30pm – Level 1 Musical Theater Livestream (Katie)

6:15pm – Level 2 Ballet Livestream (Cora, Eloise, Rosa)

7:15pm – Level 2 Jazz Livestream (Eloise)

7:45pm – Tap 3/4 Livestream (Cece)

8:45pm – Level 4 Jazz Livestream (Gracie)


Wednesday, May 19th

7:00pm – Level 3 Modern Livestream (Cece)

7:15pm – Level 5 Modern Livestream (Gracie)

7:30pm – Level 4 Ballet Livestream (Gracie & Cece) (make-up time from Monday conflict)


Thursday, May 20th

4:30pm – Adult Adaptive Dance ONLINE

4:45pm – Ballet Babies Livestream (Ava)

5:45pm – Beginning Contemporary Livestream (Eloise)

6:00pm – Level 4/5 Ballet Livestream (Gracie & Cece)


Friday, May 21st

5:00pm – Level 2 Modern Livestream (Robin)

5:15pm – Level 1 Modern Livestream (Verity)

6:15pm – Level 2 Ballet Livestream (Eloise)


Sunday, May 23rd

3:45pm – Level 1 Ballet Livestream (Bethany & Miri)


Mask Requirement and Custom Mask Purchase

In an effort to streamline the appearance of dancers in the performance and minimize distractions, Kinetics is requiring that students wear a face mask that matches their skin-tone as closely as possible. Families may purchase these masks from any shop or seller of their choice, but Kinetics will be running a fundraiser with Jessica Woofter, a mother of one of our students here at KDT.

Jessica Woofter’s Etsy Shop, Ellicott City Masks, has provided over $1,900 to the Maryland Food Bank by selling masks and donating 100% of profits! Jessica is collaborating with Kinetics to provide face masks in a variety of skin-tone shades that can be purchased for just $5.00! We will be posting a board at the studio with samples of fabric in 13 shades. Once you have matched your student’s skin to the nearest-matching shade of fabric, please fill out a response in this Google Form to place your order.

Parent Volunteers Needed!

We need your help making this showcase run smoothly, before, during, and after our filming days. Please visit this link to sign up to volunteer.

Volunteer positions include seamstresses for costume alterations, greeters, backstage coordinators, stage hands, costume collectors, class parents,
and more! Most volunteer slots on filming days have been broken down into 3-hour windows. Please feel free to sign up for two consecutive slots
if you are feeling eager.

In addition to the posted volunteer positions, Kinetics is also seeking a parent volunteer with photography experience! We are hoping to collaborate
to document the Spring Showcase. Please email teresa@kineticsdance.org for more information.

Undergarments, Make-Up and More

Coming soon: What’s Provided by KDT and What Parents Need to Provide

Families may purchase tights, leotards and make-up from any vendor, but we have provided some links below.


Brick and Mortar:

Dance Supplies Etc., Inc. – 556 Governor Ritchie Hwy, Severna Park, MD 21146


Discount Dance


Make-up is not required, but encouraged. Eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow can make features pop under harsh stage lights.


Sana is a parent of a KDT student who works as a consultant for BEAUTYCOUNTER, a cosmetic company with a forward focus of promoting safe and clean products.

KDT Spirit Week!