About Kinetics

Who We Are

Thirty-seven years in existence, Kinetics Dance Theatre is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development and presentation of contemporary dance as a living art form to the community.  KDT houses the professional Kinetics Dance Company, presenting a rich repertoire of innovative original modern dance, Kinetics School of Contemporary Dance, offering classes in dance technique and theory to students of all ages and levels, and four student performing companies providing opportunities for devoted youth to perform and participate in workshops throughout the area.  In each of its three components Kinetics demonstrate its strong commitment to the region by emphasizing community involvement through dance presentation, outreach, and education.

Our History

In 1984, Dorothy Fried, Keith Nichols and Stephanie Simmons founded Kinetics Dance Theatre to promote dance through performance and to offer high quality dance education to students of all ages. Kinetics is a dual-component, non-profit organization, comprised of the Professional Dance Company, Apprentice and Student Dance Companies, as well as the School of Contemporary Dance. The Professional Company is committed to creating unique and diverse modern dance works for audiences of all ages. Kinetics performs year-round in a variety of venues throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.