Drop-Ins & Make-Ups

**Drop-ins and Make-ups may take place in-person as long as there is space in the desired class.**


Due to Spring Showcase preparations, drop-ins are not permitted in Creative Beginnings, Pre-Level, or Level 1-5 classes after February 1st of the Fall/Spring Term. Drop-ins are permitted year-long in Adult, Fitness, and Yoga classes. 

Although ongoing enrollment is best practice for progression and consistency, dropping in is a great choice for new students who wish to determine their placement level or take a trial class before enrolling, or for students who wish to take classes on a flexible basis.

Email school@kineticsdance.org to schedule a drop-in class.

New students taking a trial drop-in may apply one drop-in fee towards registration should they choose to enroll.

Drop-in rates:
0.5hr class – $9
0.75-1hr class – $16
1.25hr class – $17
1.5hr class – $21


Registered students may make-up missed classes within 3 weeks of the missed class.

  1. Schedule Make-ups by logging into your Studio Director account.
  2. Schedule a make-up class for the date you plan on attending class by selecting “Request a Make-Up Class” from the drop down menu at the upper left hand corner and follow the steps it provides you.

We ask that you please register at least 48 hours prior to the class. This will allow our registrar time to make sure the studio has enough space in the class.

Make-ups can only be made for classes that are equal in level to classes the student is registered for. Please email school@kineticsdance.org if you are unable to see a specific level-appropriate class.