Code of Conduct & Notice of Non-Discrimination

Kinetics Dance Theatre Code of Conduct

Kinetics strives to maintain an atmosphere of positivity, respect and courtesy at all times.  The entire KDT family, from students to parents to teachers and staff, are expected to treat others in this regard, and accordingly can expect to be treated in the same way, both in the classroom or while spending time in our common areas. Students are expected to arrive on time for class and to enter the studio quietly when the teacher’s calls for class to begin.  Kinetics has the right to remove a student due to disruptive behavior. All are asked to maintain an appropriate indoor voice level in common areas.  Please help us keep our space clean and orderly by tidying up books and toys in waiting areas, cleaning up after snacking, and making use of cubby cubicles to store dance bags and belongings whenever space allows.  Food and drink are permitted in waiting areas; water bottles only are permitted into the studios.  Kinetics is not responsible for loss of, or damage to, personal property.

Notice of Non-Discrimination

Kinetics Dance Theatre School of Contemporary Dance admits students of any race, color, national origin, and sex to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made to students at the school. It does not exclude people or treat them differently because of race, color, national origin, or sex in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship programs and other school-administered programs.


Peanut-Free & Severe Allergies

Due to a number of students with severe peanut or nut allergies, Kinetics Dance Theatre is a nut-free space.  We ask that all students and families refrain from bringing any nuts or nut-containing snacks to the school, even for personal consumption.

For some, allergic reactions may occur by eating the food, inhalation of food vapors, or contact with the skin, mouth or eyes. Some reactions can be severe enough to cause anaphylaxis, a life threatening allergic reaction. Contact between students is common in the classroom and for this reason, please consider the safety of others and refrain from bringing nut-containing snacks into the school.

If your child has a severe allergy or medical condition, please notify the Head of School and your child’s teacher and identify any special instructions to follow in the event of an emergency.

Inclement Weather

Weekday Morning Classes

If Howard County Public Schools are DELAYED or CLOSED due to weather, all classes, both Kinetics and HCRP, beginning before noon will be canceled.

Weekday Afternoon Classes

Regardless of Howard County Public Schools status, Kinetics will make an independent determination based on driving conditions for all classes, both Kinetics and HCRP, beginning after 12:00 noon.   That information will be posted on our website, Facebook page, and will be added to our telephone voicemail

Weekend Classes

If inclement weather occurs over the weekend, classes will be evaluated depending on current driving conditions.  Status will be posted on our website, Facebook page, and will be added to our telephone message.

Make-ups for Inclement Weather Cancellations

Please note that make-up procedures differ according to whether your class runs through Kinetics or through HCRP. For KINETICS classes: independent make-ups are encouraged. Students may attend any class at a suitable age and level as a make-up for the cancelled class within one month, and no later than March 31st. If possible, we request that you notify the school ahead of time when you plan to attend a make-up class. For assistance in choosing a suitable make-up class, please contact the school by phone or email. For HCRP classes, official make-up classes are held, with date and time designated by the teacher (usually tacked on to the end of the current session).

Dress Code

Proper dance attire differs from genre to genre but adherence to dress code is expected at all times. Dress codes are in place to minimize time spent adjusting clothing, and to allow instructors to see the line of the body in order to teach proper technique and prevent injury. Please ensure that your student is prepared with the required attire and footwear for each class. 

  • Masks are to be worn at all times during class and on KDT premises. 
  • Jewelry– No jewelry aside from small earring studs are permitted in the classroom.
  • HairHair should be secured away from the face for all classes and should not need to be adjusted in class. The hair should not affect the dancer’s ability to move fully, and should be tightly secured for all leveled classes.
  • Chewing Gum– Chewing gum is not permitted in class.
  • The table below provides a breakdown of attire recommendations for various ages and genres.


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    • Discount Dance Supply , 1-800-328-7107, Use our school code, 131144, to find the dancewear we’ve specifically selected for Kinetics’ dress code. You’ll get great discounts, and Discount Dance Supply will provide a donation to Kinetics
    • Amazon Smile,, register for Amazon Smile and designate Kinetics as your supported non-profit/charity.  When you make a purchase (any purchase, not just dance-related), amazon will donate a percentage of the sale to Kinetics
    • Premier Dance Gear – Columbia, 410-418-8804
    • Artistic Dance Fashions – Loch Raven, 410-321-1121.
Class Dress-wear Foot-wear
Adaptive Dance Comfortable clothing that does not need to be adjusted in class No shoes required
Ballet/Pointe- All levels

Option 1: Any solid color leotard, footed or convertible tights which match the dancer’s skin tone

Option 2: White or black fitted t-shirt, black opaque tights or leggings

Option 1: Canvas ballet slippers which match the dancer’s skin tone. 

Option 2: Black ballet slippers   

Shoes should match the color of the tights or leggings worn in class*

For Pointe: Students recommended for Pointe classes will consult with instructors. Students should wear shoes that match their skin tone.

Creative Dance, Parent/Child

Option 1: Any solid color leotard and footless tights/leggings

Option 2: Fitted solid color T-shirt and opaque tights or leggings

No shoes required

Ballet Babies

Mini Movers

Option 1: Any solid color leotard, solid color leggings, or tights which match the dancer’s skin tone

Option 2: Fitted solid color T-shirt and opaque tights or leggings

For Ballet Babies: Leather ballet slippers – the color of the shoes should match the color of the tights or leggings that are worn

For Mini Movers: No shoes are required

Dance Fundamentals

Option 1: Any solid color leotard, solid color leggings, or tights which match the dancer’s skin tone

Option 2: Fitted solid color T-shirt and opaque tights or leggings

For Ballet: Leather ballet slippers – the color of the shoes should match the color of the tights or leggings that are worn

For Jazz: Black slip on Jazz shoes

For Modern: No shoes are required

For Tap: Black tap shoes

Hip Hop- All levels

Comfortable clothing that does not need to be adjusted while dancing

Examples: T shirts, tank tops, leggings and sweatpants

*Skirts or “skorts” are not permitted

Clean sneakers
Jazz- All levels

Solid color leotard; black jazz pants, tights or leggings

Camisole top or fitted shirt is allowed

Split-soled black jazz shoes
Modern and Contemporary- All levels Solid color leotard; black footless tights or leggings No shoes required
Musical Theatre- All levels Solid color leotard, camisole or fitted shirt; black jazz pants or leggings Split-soled black jazz shoes
Tap- All levels

Any solid color leotard, black jazz pants or leggings

Camisole top or fitted shirt is allowed

Black tap shoes

Supplemental Classes


Form fitting clothing that does not need to be adjusted as the student moves

No shoes required
Student Placement

While many classes are open to all students of appropriate age (i.e. Creative Beginnings, Adult classes, etc), placement within Kinetics’ leveled technique classes follows a system of recommendation to ensure students’ safe and successful progression.  When this is the case,  placements are determined jointly by our Faculty and Head of School.   Returning students are notified annually of their placements prior to the opening of Fall/Spring Term, and new students are placed after a brief period of observation, sometimes including trial classes.  

The Studio Director, our on-line registration system, makes it easy to see which classes students are eligible to enroll for based on age and recommendation (or “pre-approved classes”).  

To learn more about Kinetics’ placement process and educational philosophies, see Curriculum and Placement.  

Absences, Make-ups & Cancellations

Make-ups for Student Absences

When it is possible, please inform the school of an impending absence so that we may notify instructors as a courtesy for planning purposes.  When students miss class due to personal reasons such as illness, injury, or travel, they are welcome and encouraged to attend another class as a make-up with the following guidelines.  

Making up a missed Kinetics Class:

  • Students may make-up missed classes within three weeks in any age/level-appropriate Kinetics class.  Due to their policies, HCRP classes are not open for students to attend as make-ups.
  • Impending absences (due to planned travel, for instance), may be made up in advance with approval.  Please contact us at to make arrangements.
  • Absences are not eligible for refund or credit.
  • Please take a moment to notify the front office when you plan to attend, or need help selecting, a make-up class,
    • by phone, at 410-480-1686
    • or by email:
    • or by clicking “schedule a make-up class” from the Home page drop-down menu within your StudioDirector account

Making up a missed HCRP Class:

  • Students enrolled in HCRP classes may also make-up missed classes, either within any age/level-appropriate Kinetics class, or within a similar HCRP class (with permission).
  • The guidelines above otherwise apply

Make-ups for Inclement Weather and other Cancellations

When classes must be canceled due to inclement weather, or, very rarely, due to other broad, school-wide circumstances (i.e. loss of power), the following make-up policies will apply: 

Making up Canceled Kinetics Classes: 

  • Due to scheduling and capacity, we are unable to reschedule Kinetics Classes due to inclement weather or other school-wide circumstances (i.e. loss of power)
  • It is encouraged that students make-up canceled classes independently:
    • within one month, and no later than March 31st of any given year
    • otherwise according to the make-up guidelines for student absences (see above) 
  • Canceled classes are not eligible for refund or credit 

Making up Canceled HCRP Classes:

  • Make-up classes for missed HCRP classes are generally rescheduled at a date and time designated by the instructor (usually tacked on at the end of the session)
Late Arrivals & Leaving Early

Late Arrival & Leaving Early

In order to prevent injury, at an instructor’s discretion dancers arriving 15 minutes or later to class may be asked to observe class for the day. If a student must leave class or rehearsal early for any reason, please notify the instructor before the start of class. Students waiting for rides must do so INDOORS in the studio A front lobby. If there is no desk worker present at the front desk, your child may wait in the studio with his or her class.

Parent Observation, Photography & Videography

 We are dedicated to providing opportunities for parent observation both in the classroom and via showcase.

  • Each studio is equipped with a “one-way” observation window so that parents may view their children.  However, please note that students are sometimes still able to see outside of the window, and we ask that parents limit observation at the request of the teacher when students become distracted.
  • Parents should remain outside of the classroom unless invited in by the instructor or by separate arrangement.
  • We ask that photography and videography be limited to appropriate times, i.e. before or after class and/or with the teacher’s approval.
  • At no time should photography/videography include other classmates other than with the verbal permission of a parent or guardian.
Costume Non-Return Fee

Kinetics Dance Theatre maintains an extensive and ever-growing collection from which students are costumed for the Annual Spring Showcase.   Rather than requiring students to purchase costumes for each class, tuition for each class is accompanied by a performance fee which covers costume wardrobe maintenance, venue, and tech costs.  Students may be asked to provide their own dance-wear (i.e. nude or black leotard, tights, leggings, etc) to serve as a costume base.  It is expected that costumes be returned immediately following the Spring Showcase (same day).  

Costume-Failure to Return Fees:   $20 single costume item |  $40 full costume OR tutu  

Fees must be paid, or the costume returned, prior to registering for the next class season. 

Tuition Policies: Withdrawal, Refund, & Late Payment

Withdrawal from any class requires two weeks advance written notice.   Non-attendance does not constitute withdrawal. Without appropriate notice, undersigned dancer or parent/guardian will remain responsible for the full tuition period.

  • Absences (classes missed due to student absence, cancellations, student vacations, holidays, or days off from school) will not be credited or refunded. We do, however, encourage make-ups; please see Absences, Make-ups, & Cancelations policy.
  • Approved refunds will have a $10.00 service fee deducted.
  • No refunds will be given after February 1st of a given school year.
  • Withdrawls must be made in a timely manner to be considered for a refund.
  • Late Payments: Accounts not paid in a timely manner will result in a $10 late fee applied the day following the due date. On the 8th day past the due date, non-payment will result in automatic withdrawal from class. Students may re-register for classes once the balance is paid, provided there is still space in their class(es). Registration fee will apply.
  • A fee of $30.00 will be charged for returned checks. Customers with more than one returned check will be asked to pay in cash in the future.
Kinetics Community and Events
Parent Observation and Bring-a-Friend Week
Parents are always invited to watch class through our observation windows. In November and April, we will open our doors to friends who may want to try a dance class as a part of Bring a Friend to Dance Week. During Bring a Friend to Dance Week, students are invited to bring a friend to the studio to try a free dance class.

Fundraising at Kinetics
As a non-profit organization, Kinetics Dance Theatre relies on parents’ and students’ support of our yearly fundraisers, such as the Annual Fund Fall Campaign, ticket sales to our five concerts per year, recital program shout-outs/ads, t-shirt and trophy sales, our holiday basket raffle, flowers at the recital and much more! Monies from these fundraisers help Kinetics pay for theatre rentals, exciting programs and workshops, new costumes, guest teachers and choreographers.
Dance Workshops, Field Trips, and Projects Watch for notices in our newsletter, on our website and posted around the studio. We’ve got some new ideas in the works, including group tickets to professional dance concerts, fun dance workshops for the whole family, and dance projects for our students.

Kinetics welcomes volunteers! If you would like to help us with specific events, provide general assistance, or share a skill with us, we often need help through the year with performances, workshop events, chaperoning, fundraising, costumes, photography, music, and more. Please let us know!

Birthday Parties
Don’t forget to ask us about our birthday parties!!! Celebrate your birthday and have a blast dancing with up to 20 of your friends! Each party includes 45 minutes of supervised dance instruction and games with one of our dance instructors and 45 minutes for presents and goodies. Fees: $220 for non-Kinetics families; $200 for Kinetics families. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a date. Contact the studio for more information (410) 480-1686.