While we are grateful for the capability to hold virtual classes, zoom, like all online platforms, can present challenges from time to time.  We are constantly researching and learning ways to improve the platform so that students are able to enjoy a seamless and successful class experience. 

As we work on the host/instruction end, here are a few of the issues and solutions we have discovered can make a difference on the attendee end: 


  • Check to make sure you have the most up-to-date version of Zoom installed

Video/Audio Delays or “lag”

  • Adjust audio and video settings from within a meeting on the zoom app (on a computer–these are not accessible from a cell phone): 
    • Try unchecking the “enabling HD video” setting: video settings are accessible by clicking on the carat beside the video icon at the bottom left of the screen from within a meeting (class).
    • Try “enabling original sound:”  top left of your screen within a meeting.  
  • Check your internet/wifi bandwidth/speed.  This makes a difference on both the host and attendee ends.
  • Try moving your device closer to your wifi router 
  • Before class, ensure that you have fully exited/quit background programs and applications that may be running on your device, especially those that use the video camera or audio.  Even closed or minimized programs may still be running in the background. 
  • Choose the best device for you
    • Laptops are  preferred by most for their reasonable size screen, easy mobility, and access to audio/video settings 
    • Cell phones have a smaller screen and limited access to settings, but strong cell service may be preferable in a poor wifi situation 
    • Desktops and smart TVs are limited in mobility but provide the largest viewing screen as well as access to audio/video settings 

Frozen screens or getting bumped out of a class

We are doing everything we can to minimize or eliminate this from happening, but even with best practices in place, technology can be unpredictable!  As a worst case scenario, if you you are dealing with a completely frozen screen, or if you (or your teacher!!) are bumped from a class, just be ready to rejoin using your link.  The good news is, the few times this has happened, we have been able to resume very quickly, in less than a minute.  

We will continue to update this list as we learn more and receive feedback.  

Thank you for being a part of our Kinetics-Connected Virtual Classes!