i Winter Watch Week | Kinetics Dance Theatre

Winter Watch Weeks

December 10th-23rd

Each student may have ONE in-person observer only. There will be a sign-in sheet for all attendees that must be filled out upon entry. All guests should be able to answer “no” to all screening questions. Guests will need to provide a full legal name and contact information in case any contact tracing is necessary.
Any additional guests/observers must attend Winter Watch Week over Zoom. See the information below to register for our virtual classroom observation.
Check out the Winter Watch Week schedule below to find which week your student’s class observation will be held. Contact teresa@kineticsdance.org with any questions regarding Winter Watch Week!

Virtual Observation

Locate the date, time and location of your student’s class by using the chart. Register for the Zoom meeting in advance by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Studio A

Register in advance for this meeting: 


Studio C

Register in advance for this meeting: 


Studio E

Register in advance for this meeting: