Kinetics Dance Theatre offers classes for all ages in various genres. Students have the opportunity to perform in the Winter and Spring Showcases over the course of the year.

HCRP and Open Level Classes do not perform. Adult classes may perform on a case-by-case basis as interests arise.

Creative Beginnings (Ages 2-6)

These classes introduce young children to movement and music in a creative environment. Each offering encourages creativity and individuality while gradually increasing the level of movement skill and structure with each level.

Creative Dance (Ages 3-4) Creative Dance introduces children to the joy of moving while using stories and props to encourage the use of imagination. 

Ballet Babies (Ages 4-6) This class introduces simple ballet movements, and develops balance and self-control in a creative and nurturing environment.

Mini Movers (Ages 4-6) Mini Movers is an introduction to simple modern dance movements and concepts. Dancers will explore different movement qualities while developing locomotor skills in a fun and imaginative setting.

Dance Fundamentals (Ages 5-6) Students will develop knowledge of basic dance movements in two different dance techniques. These classes combine either Ballet and Modern or Jazz and Tap classes to offer dancers a chance to learn a variety of movement skills. 

Dance Basics for Boys (Ages 4-6) An introduction to basic dance concepts. Dancers build self-control, locomotor skills, and rhythm using imagery and themes such as animals, superheroes, and outerspace. *Register through HCRP*

Parent and Child/Movement and Song (Ages 2-3) Encourage your child’s imagination as you explore creative dance using music, stories, props and movement with your child. *Register through HCRP*

Pre-Level Classes (Ages 6-8)

These classes build skill and knowledge in a more focused setting. Pre-Level classes are open to students ages 6-8. No experience is required, however these classes are designed to develop skills and knowledge in each dance form, as well as develop sustained attention in a classroom setting.

Pre-Modern (Ages 6-8) This class introduces students to concepts and vocabulary of modern dance in a process emphasizing exploration, creativity, and self-discovery.

Pre-Ballet (Ages 6-8) Pre-ballet introduces students to beginning ballet positions, movement and traveling steps. This class places emphasis on fundamental ballet arm and leg positions and vocabulary.

Pre-Jazz (Ages 6-8) This class introduces students to syncopated rhythmic patterns, isolated movement of the body and simple jazz traveling sequences.

Pre-Hip Hop (Ages 6-8) Pre-Hip Hop introduces basic Hip Hop steps while encouraging individuality in a high-energy class. This class focuses on developing a sense of rhythm, strengthening basic techniques and encourages students to explore freestyle movement.

Pre-Tap (Ages 6-8) This class introduces basic movement and rhythmic patterns in the tap dance vocabulary. Students will learn stationary and traveling movements which encourages the development of musicality and body control.

Leveled Classes (Ages 8-18)

Kinetics offers Ballet, Pointe, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Modern, Musical Theatre and Tap classes in a variety of levels. As students grow and progress they will continue to be introduced to new concepts and more complex skills. Returning students will be automatically pre-approved for the appropriate level for their needs. New students should email for level recommendations and a placement class.

Ballet (Levels 1-5)  Ballet is a dance form traditionally performed to classical music and employs formalized steps and gestures. Classical Ballet originated in Renaissance Italy and established its current forms during the 19th century. Ballet is characterized by light, graceful, fluid movements and builds strength, poise and flexibility.

Contemporary (Beginning and Open Levels) New this year, Kinetics is offering classes in contemporary movement. Contemporary is an open term which encompasses many styles and fusions of multiple dance disciplines. Dancers will build upon their skills in Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz or Modern as they are challenged with complex musicality, physical expressivity and attention to detail. Beginning level dancers must have some background knowledge in Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz or Modern in order to take this choreography-based class.

Hip Hop (Levels 1-4) Hip hop dance refers to street styles primarily performed to Hip Hop music or that have evolved as part of Hip Hop culture in America in the 20th century. This class focuses on musicality and expression while exploring popping, locking, bboy/breaking and commercial Hip Hop styles.

Jazz (Levels 1-5) Jazz dance is a performative dance technique with multiple styles which first appeared in the United States in the early 20th century. All genres of Jazz dance were built on African and African American vernacular styles of dance that emerged with jazz music. Students will learn and improve upon rhythm, musicality and performance quality, as well as build strength and increased flexibility. 

Modern (Levels 1-5) Modern is a broad genre of western concert dance which stems from an initial departure from Classical Ballet technique. Modern dance grew from German and American choreographers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with influence of non-western dance forms. Dancers will explore a variety of Modern Dance concepts and techniques such as Cunningham, Graham, Horton, and Limón. Modern dance techniques utilize the movement of the spine, floor work and physical expressivity through a multitude of movement qualities and concepts.

Musical Theatre (Levels 1-2) Musical Theatre is a performance-based class which incorporates movement from multiple dance genres. Musical Theatre combines dance and acting to give students an opportunity to experience multiple styles of dance while improving upon their performance skills. 

Pointe (Levels 1-2) Pointe expands on ballet techniques and allows dancers to build strength to dance in pointe shoes. Pointe shoes are specially designed to allow dancers to support their body weight on the tips of the toes. Pointe is only recommended for dancers with extensive ballet training who can meet the physical demands of pointe-work. Kinetics offers Pointe to experienced ballet dancers of all genders.

Tap (Levels 1-4) Tap originates from a fusion of British and West African dance in the United States in the early 1700s. Tap utilizes rhythmic patterns using metal taps on the soles of the shoes as a form of percussion. Dancers will gain enhanced musicality and balance.

Open Class (Int and Adv options for Teens and Adults)

Our Open Classes are designed for experienced movers looking to expand their knowledge in various dance genres. The Thursday class will have a rotating teaching roster curated by KDT Artistic Director, Liz Quinones, and the Saturday class will be taught by Levi Coy. Each class will be taught in an accelerated format and will explore various dance genres from around the world. This class is open to local movement artists, adults with prior dance experience, and Level 4 & 5 KDT students.

Supplemental Classes (Ages 11-18)

Kinetics offers additional classes to complement a student’s dance training.

Classes include: Dance Conditioning, Dance Making, Improvisation/Partnering, and Teen Yoga.

Dance Making (Ages 11-18) Students will learn how to create choreography in this new class offering. Dancers will learn tools and techniques that choreographers use to create new work that is all their own. Students will work alone and in groups as they build skills to create dances and nurture their artistic voice.

Dance Conditioning (Ages 11-18) This class focuses on fitness as it pertains to the dancing body. Dancers will improve their endurance, strength and flexibility, while they gain knowledge of how to prevent injury.

Improvisation/Partnering (Ages 11-18) This class is for intermediate and advanced dancers who want to expand their knowledge of Modern and Contemporary movement. This class will build improvisational skills by exploring the concepts of space, time and energy as they relate to dance. Students will also gain knowledge in contemporary partnering, beginning with structured exercises that will ultimately allow dancers the freedom to improvise and partner with one another.

Teen Yoga (Ages 13-18) This class will strengthen the body and improve flexibility while increasing relaxation and reducing stress. Yoga helps students with proper alignment and body awareness that assists in protecting the body.

Adult Classes (Ages 18+)

 Kinetics offers adult classes in a variety of genres. Whether you’re a beginner, studied years ago, or currently take classes, come join us! Our atmosphere is friendly and flexible -- you can register for the year or drop in. Offerings vary each year, so please see our current schedule.

Adaptive Dance (Ages 12-Adult)

Adaptive Dance is designed for students with mixed abilities. This class introduces students to a variety of dance genres such as (but not limited to) ballet, modern, tap,  jazz, and hip hop. Students gain dance knowledge and artistry in a fun and nurturing environment that adheres to diverse learning styles. 

Classes are offered for teens and adults.

Yoga and Fitness (Ages 18+)

Kinetics offers a variety of Fitness classes for Adults which run in sessions throughout the year. Whether you are seeking a gentle Yoga class or a more intense workout, we have something for you! Classes are offered during weekday mornings and evenings.

Dance Fitness Dance and exercise collide in this exhilarating class that puts fun, easy-to-follow dance moves to great music old and new! Wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes; bring a towel and water bottle. No experience required!

Pilates The Pilates Method is an exercise system focused on improving flexibility and strength for the whole body without building bulk. It is a series of controlled movements that provide a refreshing and energizing workout.

Yogalates A fusion of the ancient discipline of yoga with modern Pilates techniques, this class develops core strength, tones muscles, increases flexibility, and reduces stress. Beginning and ongoing students are welcome. *Register through HCRP* 

Barre Burn Ballet movements combine with floor work and fitness exercises for a full workout. Sculpt and tone your body while gaining a dancer’s sense of alignment and physical control. Comfortable clothes, no shoes. Please bring 3lb – 4lb weights. Participants are encouraged to bring their own mat. *Register through HCRP*

Sculpt Yoga A combination of resistance training and yoga to increase muscular strength, body control, flexibility, and peace of mind. Participants have the option to bring 3-5-lb. weights for an additional challenge.*Register through HCRP*

LaBlast LaBlast is a revolutionary ballroom dance, partner-free, fitness program based on all the dances you see on Dancing with the Stars! It fuses dance into a serious calorie burning workout that will get you into the best shape of your life. Take your mind, body, and soul on a journey through ballroom dances from different countries and cultures. It’s a workout in disguise while learning the true skill of dance. *Register through HCRP*

Hatha Yoga Hatha Yoga strengthens the body and improves flexibility while increasing relaxation and reducing stress. Become aware of breathing techniques, meditation and chakras (energy centers).*Register through HCRP*