Tap Floor Tips

Flooring can be a limiting factor for tapping at home, so if you are thinking of joining one of our Kinetics-Connected Tap classes, we’ve put together this list of suggestions and resources:  

  • Not recommended:  Bare concrete is hard on joints and many tile (and other smooth) flooring can be dangerously slippery in tap shoes.  USE CAUTION when testing a surface.  
  • Option 1: If you have a wood floor you don’t mind scratched and dented, piece of plywood, or vinyl flooring you can lay over a hard surface, that’s ideal.  
  • Option 2: Dance on thin carpet or slide a pair of socks—with grip—over your tap shoes.  Note that this will provide only partial protection to wood floors.
  • Option 3: If you want to forgo tap shoes and take class in street shoes, that’s also fine!  Something that makes a little bit of sound is great.    
  • There are many DIY and on-line purchase options for tap flooring.  This website outlines a number of options of varying cost and effort  levels:  http://www.tapdancingresources.com/products/floors/tap-boards/home-made.htm