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Watch for notices in our newsletter, on our website and posted around the studio. Each year we offer our students enrichment opportunities, including group tickets to professional dance concerts, fun dance workshops for the whole family, and dance projects for our students.

Coming Soon!!  7-Week Chakra Workshop

Join Kinetics Dance Studio’s Level 2 yoga flow classes as they explore the seven major chakras.  Chakras are a series of energy centers that travel through the body, each corresponding to different physical, emotional and spiritual areas from within.  Each week, this seven part series will address a different chakra with a brief overview followed by a yoga practice designed to awaken and balance its specific properties.  Sign up for either the Tuesday or Thursday session or feel free to drop- in to any class. Please Note: This is an intermediate workshop and prior yoga experience is required for all classes except the 7th Chakra, which will be a Restorative class open to all yoga levels.


Tuesday’s 9:30am-10:45am    |    Thursday’s 7:30pm-8:45pm

March 17 & 19 – 1st Chakra

March 24 & 26 – 2nd Chakra

March 31 & April 2 – 3rd Chakra

April 14 & 16 – 4th Chakra

April 21 & 23  – 5th Chakra

April 28 & 30 – 6th Chakra

May 5 & 7 – 7th Chakra



$91 for Tu or Th 7-week Workshop 

$17 single drop-in class

*Pay on-site with cash or check

Weekly Breakdown

1st Chakra:  Create a strong foundation with standing postures and forward bends

2nd Chakra:  Awaken creativity with a hip opening flow

3rd Chakra:  Explore personal power and discipline with a core strengthening flow

4th Chakra:  Open your heart to compassion with chest-openers and backbends

5th Chakra:  Find your inner voice with backbends and breath work

6th Chakra:  Find your inner truth and intuition by focusing on sight, breath work and mediation

7th Chakra:  Open up to wisdom and enlightenment with a restorative practice