Tuition & Fees

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2017-2018 Tuition

Tuition is calculated on a yearly basis. Enrollment for the 2017-2018 season will have classes begin Monday, September 11th with classes concluding with our end-of-the-year showcase on Sunday, June 10th. Payment is due at the time of registration for all registrations.  If you are registering online, your credit card will be charged for the amount due at registration.  All accounts will have a $20 registration fee (waived if registering before July 15th or $10 if registering before Aug. 15th) as well as a $30 performance fee due for their first class, and $10 for each additional class.  Registration and performance fees are due at registration in addition to tuition and are non-refundable. Adult classes will have performance fees due March 1st if their class is performing in the showcase.  Tuition is payable by cash, check or credit card. You may pay at the front desk during our school manager or desk hours or mail in your payment.

  • Option #1: Pay for the entire year and save 5% on your annual tuition.
    Kinetics encourages and appreciates annual tuition payments to simplify our bookkeeping and accounting procedures.
  • Option #2: Pay tri-monthly, tri-monthly tuition reflects base tuition rates.
    First payment, September – November, is due at registration. Second payment, December – February, is due by December 7th. Third payment, March – May, is due by March 7th.
  • Option #3: Pay in nine installments with each payment due by the 7th of the month.  First and last installments will be due at registration and anyone registering online will have their card charged for the first and last installments upon registration, along with any registration and performance fees.  Families using this plan MUST be enrolled in recurring billing.  If you are registering online and your account is set up for monthly billing, your account will automatically be switched to recurring billing if not already selected.


Please note that the chart below applies only to classes run directly by Kinetics. Classes offered through Howard County Recreation and Parks have separate tuition rates and payment options.

Withdrawal/Refund/Late Payment Policies

Private Lessons

We do offer private lessons for all ages!  Whether you are a student looking for some individualized attention, or an adult who wants to brush up on their skills before joining a class, we’d love to work with you!

 ½ Hour Lesson= $38
 Hour Lesson = $65

We also offer discounts for those wanting to attend private lessons more frequently. Pre-pay for 5 private lessons and receive a 5% discount.

 5 1/2 Hour Lessons = $180
 5 Hour Lessons = $309

Pre-pay for 10 private lessons and receive a 10% discount

 10 1/2 Hour Lessons = $342
 10 Hour Lessons = $585

(all 45 minute classes will be billed at 1 hour rate)
#1, One-time Annual Payment#2, Three Tri-monthly Payments#3 Nine Installment Payments
(Includes $5 per month service fee)

2.75$1,154 $405


4-4.25$1,642 $576


Any students registering for 14 hours or more, please contact Becca Sigmund for pricing.

* Students enrolled in Kinetics “Core” Package: Two ballet classes and one modern class, will receive a one time, $30 discount at registration



Students are welcome to drop-in on classes provided there is space available in a class.  New students dropping in on classes can credit one drop-in fee per class should they decide to enroll in those classes. Drop-ins are only allowed in classes sponsored by Kinetics, not those run through Howard County Recreation and Parks.

Drop-in rates:

0.5hr class – $8

0.75-1hr class – $15

1.25hr class – $16

1.5hr class – $20


Adult Yoga & Fitness Classes

Fitness classes are run in five sessions throughout the year.

SessionDates1 hour class1.25 hour class
Fall 17 wks: 9/11-10/28$84$91
Fall 26 wks: 10/30-12/16$72$78
*Fall 1 & 213 wks combined: 9/11-12/16$148$161
Winter8 wks: 1/2-2/28$96$104
Spring10 wks: 2/29- $120$130
*Winter & Spring18 wks combined: 1/2 -$205$222
** Classes are offered through Howard County Recreation and Parks and have a separate registration. Please visit the HCRP website or call (410) 313-PARK to register.

Adult Fitness members may make-up classes in ANY Adult Fitness class!! Must pay $2 to drop-in on Yoga 2*