Schedule of Classes

2017-2018 Fall Schedule of Classes

Registration for Kinetics classes is closed for the 2017-2018 season. HCRP and Session classes currently have Spring registration open.

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Fall 2017-2018 Class Schedule

*Class offered through Howard County Rec & Parks

**Session class

Please note that class enrollment is updated every few days and may not reflect the most up-to-date enrollment numbers.  Please view the HCRP website or login to DanceWorks for the most up-to-date enrollment information.

9:00-10:00amAdultBarre Burn**
Class cancelled for Spring Session.9:00-10:00amAges 3-4Creative Dance*
10:00-11:00amAdultIntermediate Adult Modern
4:30-5:15Ages 4-5Dance Basics for Boys*
4:30-5:15Ages 4-5Dance Basics
4:30-5:30Ages 8-12Level 1 Ballet
4:30-5:30Ages 9-14Level 2 Jazz
4:45-6:15Ages 11+Open Ballet Technique
5:15-6:15Ages 6-8Pre-Ballet/ Modern
5:30-6:30Grades 4-6Kinetics Kids
5:30-6:30Ages 8-12Level 1 Jazz
5:30-6:30Ages 11+Level 3 Modern
6:15-7:30Ages 13+Level 4 Modern
6:15-7:30Ages 15+Level 5 Modern
6:30-7:30AdultBeginning Adult Ballet
6:30-7:30Grades 6-10, 6th graders by audition onlyJunior Company
6:30-7:30Ages 5-6Dance Fundamentals
7:30-9:00By Audition OnlyApprentice Company
7:30-8:45By Audition OnlySenior Company
7:30-8:15AdultBeginning Adult Tap
8:15-9:15AdultInt. 2 Adult Tap
Only 4 class openings remaining!9:00-9:45amAges 3-6Fairy Dance*
9:30-10:45amAdultYoga 2**
Only 3 class openings remaining!9:45-10:30amAges 2-3Parent/Child*
10:00-11:00amAdultInt. Adult Jazz
4:30-5:30Ages 5-6Dance Fundamentals
4:30-6:00Ages 11+Level 3 Ballet
4:30-6:00Ages 13 +Level 4 Ballet
4:30-6:00Ages 15 +Level 5 Ballet
5:15-6:00Ages 6-8Pre-Hip Hop
5:30-6:30Ages 9-14Level 2 Modern
6:00-6:45Ages 6-8Pre-Ballet
6:00-6:45By Invitation OnlyPointe 2
6:30-7:30Ages 6-8Pre-Tap/Jazz
6:45-8:00Ages 9-14Level 2 Ballet
6:45-7:45Ages 13-18Beginning Teen Ballet
7:00-8:00AdultInt. 1 Adult Tap
Class Cancelled for Spring Session7:00-8:00AdultBeginning Adult Ballet*
7:45-8:45Ages 13-18Beginning Teen Modern
Class Cancelled8:00-9:00Ages 11+Improv/Partnering
8:00-9:00AdultAdult Hip Hop*
Class cancelled for Spring Session.9:00-10:00amAges 4-6Ballerina Basics*
9:15-10:15amAdultBarre Burn**
10:00-11:00amAges 4-6Movement for Boys*
10:15-11:15amAdultSenior Tap Classics*
4:30-5:30Ages 13+Teen Ballet
4:30-5:30Ages 8-12Level 1 Modern
Starting Spring 20184:30-5:30Ages 11+I Can Dance*
4:30-5:45Ages 9-14Level 2 Ballet
5:30-6:15Ages 4-5Dance Basics
5:30-6:30Ages 8-12Level 1 Ballet
5:30-6:30Ages 13+Teen Modern
5:45-6:45Ages 11+Level 3 Modern
6:00-6:45Ages 8-11Tap 1
6:15-7:15Ages 5-6Dance Fundamentals
6:30-8:00AdultIntermediate Adult Ballet
6:45-7:45Ages 8-12Level 1 Jazz
6:45-7:30Ages 11-15Tap 2
6:45-7:45Ages 12-18Tap 3/4
7:15-8:15Ages 13+Beginning Teen Jazz
7:45-8:45Ages 11-18Level 3 Jazz
7:45-8:45Ages 15+Lyrical 3
Class cancelled8:00-9:00pmAdultBeginning Adult Jazz
8:00-9:00pmAdultBarre Burn*
Class cancelled for Spring Session.9:15-10:15amAdultBarre Burn*
9:45-10:45amAdultHatha Yoga*
10:15-11:00amAges 4-6Ballerina Basics
11:00-NOONAdultPower Yoga**
4:00-4:45Ages 3-4Creative Dance
4:30-5:30Ages 11+Combo Class
4:30-5:30Ages 13+Hip Hop 4
4:30-5:30Ages 9-13Lyrical 1
4:30-5:30Ages 9-14Lyrical 2
4:45-5:30Ages 4-6Ballerina Basics
5:30-6:30Ages 6-8Pre-Ballet/Tap
5:30-6:45Ages 9-14Level 2 Ballet
5:30-6:30Ages 5:30-6:30Hip Hop 1
5:30-7:00Ages 11+Level 3 Ballet
5:30-7:00Ages 13-18Level 4/5 Ballet
6:30-7:30Ages 12-18Hip Hop 3
6:30-7:30Ages 13-18Teen Jazz
6:45-7:45Ages 9-14Level 2 Jazz
7:00-7:45By Invitation OnlyPointe 1
7:00-7:45By Invitation OnlyPointe 2
7:45-9:00Ages 13+Level 4/5 Jazz
7:45-9:00AdultYoga 2**
9:00-10:00amAdultDance Fitness**
Only 1 class opening remaining!10:00-11:00amAges 4-7Ballerina Basics*
Now a Session class!10:00-11:00amAdultPilates**
Now a Session class!4:30-5:30Ages 13+Teen Yoga**
4:30-5:30Ages 8-12Level 1 Ballet
4:30-5:30Ages 9-12Musical Theater 1
5:30-6:15Ages 6-8Pre-Ballet
5:30-6:15Ages 4-6Dance Basics
5:30-6:30Ages 8-11Hip Hop 1
5:30-6:30Ages 13+Musical Theater 2
Class Cancelled6:15-7:15AdultBeg. Adult Modern
6:30-7:15Ages 6-8Pre-Hip Hop
6:30-7:30Ages 8-11Level 1 Modern
6:30-7:30Ages 13+Beginning Teen Tap
7:15-8:15Ages 10-13Hip Hop 2
7:15-8:15AdultHatha Yoga*
9:00-9:45amAges 3-4Creative Dance
9:00-10:00amAges 8-12Level 1 Ballet
9:00-10:00amAges 5-6Dance Fundamentals
Class full; waiting list only9:30-10:15amAges 3-4Creative Dance*
Only 4 class openings remaining!9:45-10:30amAges 2-3Parent/Child*
10:00-11:15amAges 9-14Level 2 Ballet
10:00-10:45amAges 4-5Dance Basics
10:00-11:00Ages 8-12Level 1 Modern
Only 3 class openings remaining!10:15-11:00amAges 2-3Parent/Child*
10:45-11:45amAges 5-6Dance Fundamentals
11:00-12:30Ages 11+Open Ballet Technique
11:15-12:15Ages 9-14Level 2 Modern
Class full; waiting list only11:45-12:30Ages 3-4Creative Dance*
12:30-2:00Ages 11+Open Modern Technique
Class full; waiting list only1:00-1:45Ages 3-4Creative Dance*
Class full; waiting list only12:00-1:00pmAges 4-6Ballerina Basics*
Class full; waiting list only1:00-2:00pmAges 4-6Ballerina Basics*
Only 4 class openings remaining!1:00-2:00pmAges 6-8All That Jazz & Tap*
2:00-3:00pmAges 6-8Pre-Ballet/Modern
Class full; waiting list only2:00-3:00pmAges 4-6Ballerina Basics*