Schedule of Classes

2017-2018 Fall Schedule of Classes

Registration will open for fall classes on Saturday, July 1st.  Register by July 15th and we’ll waive your registration fee!  We are currently in the process of updating our website with the new schedule so our table and links may not be up to date yet.  Thank you for your patience!

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Fall 2017-2018 Class Schedule

*Class offered through Howard County Rec & Parks

**Session class

Please note that class enrollment is updated every few days and may not reflect the most up-to-date enrollment numbers.  Please view the HCRP website or login to DanceWorks for the most up-to-date enrollment information.

9:00-10:00amAdultBarre Burn**
9:00-10:00amAges 3-4Creative Dance*
Class cancelled. We plan to re-open the class in November. Please email us at [email protected] if interested in joining!10:00-11:00amAdultIntermediate Adult Modern
4:30-5:15Ages 4-5Dance Basics for Boys*
Only 1 class opening remaining!4:30-5:15Ages 4-5Dance Basics
Only 2 class openings remaining!4:30-5:30Ages 8-12Level 1 Ballet
4:30-5:30Ages 9-14Level 2 Jazz
4:45-6:15Ages 11+Open Ballet Technique
Class full; waiting list only5:15-6:15Ages 6-8Pre-Ballet/ Modern
Only 3 openings remaining!5:30-6:30Grades 4-6Kinetics Kids
5:30-6:30Ages 8-12Level 1 Jazz
Only 4 class openings remaining!5:30-6:30Ages 11+Level 3 Modern
6:15-7:30Ages 13+Level 4 Modern
6:15-7:30Ages 15+Level 5 Modern
6:30-7:30AdultBeginning Adult Ballet
Only 4 class openings remaining!6:30-7:30Grades 6-10, 6th graders by audition onlyJunior Company
Only 3 class openings remaining!6:30-7:30Ages 5-6Dance Fundamentals
7:30-9:00By Audition OnlyApprentice Company
7:30-8:45By Audition OnlySenior Company
7:30-8:15AdultBeginning Adult Tap
Only 3 class openings remaining!8:15-9:15AdultInt. 2 Adult Tap
9:00-9:45amAges 3-6Fairy Dance*
9:30-10:45amAdultYoga 2**
9:45-10:30amAges 2-3Parent/Child*
10:00-11:00amAdultInt. Adult Jazz
4:30-5:30Ages 5-6Dance Fundamentals
Only 2 class openings remaining!4:30-6:00Ages 11+Level 3 Ballet
4:30-6:00Ages 13 +Level 4 Ballet
4:30-6:00Ages 15 +Level 5 Ballet
5:15-6:00Ages 6-8Pre-Hip Hop
5:30-6:30Ages 9-14Level 2 Modern
6:00-6:45Ages 6-8Pre-Ballet
6:00-6:45By Invitation OnlyPointe 2
6:30-7:30Ages 6-8Pre-Tap/Jazz
Only 3 class openings remaining!6:45-8:00Ages 9-14Level 2 Ballet
6:45-7:45Ages 13-18Beginning Teen Ballet
7:00-8:00AdultInt. 1 Adult Tap
7:00-8:00AdultBeginning Adult Ballet*
Only 4 class openings remaining!7:45-8:45Ages 13-18Beginning Teen Modern
Class Cancelled, please contact us at [email protected] if interested in joining the class8:00-9:00Ages 11+Improv/Partnering
8:00-9:00AdultAdult Hip Hop*
9:00-10:00amAges 4-6Ballerina Basics*
9:15-10:15amAdultBarre Burn*
10:00-11:00amAges 4-6Movement for Boys*
10:15-11:15amAdultSenior Tap Classics*
Only 4 class openings remaining!4:30-5:30Ages 13+Teen Ballet
4:30-5:30Ages 8-12Level 1 Modern
Class cancelled4:30-5:30Ages 11+Mini Combo Class
4:30-5:45Ages 9-14Level 2 Ballet
5:30-6:15Ages 4-5Dance Basics
Only 3 class openings remaining!5:30-6:30Ages 8-12Level 1 Ballet
5:30-6:30Ages 13+Teen Modern
5:45-6:45Ages 11+Level 3 Modern
6:00-6:45Ages 8-11Tap 1
Only 2 class openings remaining!6:15-7:15Ages 5-6Dance Fundamentals
Only 3 class openings remaining!6:30-8:00AdultIntermediate Adult Ballet
6:45-7:45Ages 8-12Level 1 Jazz
Only 3 class openings remaining!6:45-7:30Ages 11-15Tap 2
Only 4 class openings remaining!6:45-7:45Ages 12-18Tap 3/4
Only 2 class openings remaining!7:15-8:15Ages 13+Beginning Teen Jazz
Only 1 class opening remaining!7:45-8:45Ages 11-18Level 3 Jazz
7:45-8:45Ages 15+Lyrical 3
Class cancelled; Please email us at [email protected] if interested in joining this class.8:00-9:00pmAdultBeginning Adult Jazz
8:00-9:00pmAdultBarre Burn*
9:15-10:15amAdultBarre Burn*
9:45-10:45amAdultHatha Yoga*
Only 3 class openings remaining!10:15-11:00amAges 4-6Ballerina Basics
11:00-NOONAdultPower Yoga*
4:00-4:45Ages 3-4Creative Dance
Class Cancelled; Please email us at [email protected] if interested in the class.4:30-5:30Ages 11+Combo Class
4:30-5:30Ages 13+Hip Hop 4
Only 4 class openings remaining!4:30-5:30Ages 9-13Lyrical 1
Only 1 class opening remaining!4:30-5:30Ages 9-14Lyrical 2
4:45-5:30Ages 4-6Ballerina Basics
Class full; waiting list only5:30-6:30Ages 6-8Pre-Ballet/Tap
Class full; waiting list only5:30-6:45Ages 9-14Level 2 Ballet
5:30-6:30Ages 5:30-6:30Hip Hop 1
Only 1 class opening remaining!5:30-7:00Ages 11+Level 3 Ballet
Only 1 class opening remaining!5:30-7:00Ages 13-18Level 4/5 Ballet
6:30-7:30Ages 12-18Hip Hop 3
6:30-7:30Ages 13-18Teen Jazz
Only 2 class openings remaining!6:45-7:45Ages 9-14Level 2 Jazz
7:00-7:45By Invitation OnlyPointe 1
7:00-7:45By Invitation OnlyPointe 2
7:45-9:00Ages 13+Level 4/5 Jazz
7:45-9:00AdultYoga 2**
9:00-10:00amAdultDance Fitness**
Class full; waiting list only10:00-11:00amAges 4-7Ballerina Basics*
4:30-5:30Ages 13+Teen Yoga*
4:30-5:30Ages 8-12Level 1 Ballet
Only 3 class openings remaining!4:30-5:30Ages 9-12Musical Theater 1
5:30-6:15Ages 6-8Pre-Ballet
5:30-6:15Ages 4-6Dance Basics
Only 1 class opening remaining!5:30-6:30Ages 8-11Hip Hop 1
Only 2 class openings remaining!5:30-6:30Ages 13+Musical Theater 2
Class Cancelled; Please email [email protected] if interested in the class6:15-7:15AdultBeg. Adult Modern
6:30-7:15Ages 6-8Pre-Hip Hop
Only 2 class openings remaining!6:30-7:30Ages 8-11Level 1 Modern
6:30-7:30Ages 13+Beginning Teen Tap
7:15-8:15Ages 10-13Hip Hop 2
7:15-8:15AdultHatha Yoga*
Class full; waiting list only9:00-9:45amAges 3-4Creative Dance
Only 3 class openings remaining!9:00-10:00amAges 8-12Level 1 Ballet
Only 1 class opening remaining!9:00-10:00amAges 5-6Dance Fundamentals
Class full; waiting list only9:30-10:15amAges 3-4Creative Dance*
Only 2 class openings remaining!9:45-10:30amAges 2-3Parent/Child*
Only 4 class openings remaining!10:00-11:15amAges 9-14Level 2 Ballet
Only 1 class opening remaining!10:00-10:45amAges 4-5Dance Basics
Only 2 class openings remaining!10:00-11:00Ages 8-12Level 1 Modern
Class full; waiting list only10:15-11:00amAges 2-3Parent/Child*
10:45-11:45amAges 5-6Dance Fundamentals
11:00-12:30Ages 11+Open Ballet Technique
Only 4 class openings remaining!11:15-12:15Ages 9-14Level 2 Modern
Class full; waiting list only11:45-12:30Ages 3-4Creative Dance*
12:30-2:00Ages 11+Open Modern Technique
Class full; waiting list only1:00-1:45Ages 3-4Creative Dance*
Class full; waiting list only12:00-1:00Ages 4-6Ballerina Basics*
Class full; waiting list only1:00-2:00pmAges 4-6Ballerina Basics*
1:00-2:00pmAges 6-8All That Jazz & Tap*
Only 4 class openings remaining!2:00-3:00pmAges 6-8Pre-Ballet/Modern
Class full; waiting list only2:00-3:00pmAges 4-6Ballerina Basics*